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Sex Therapy – Lets face it -  Sex is important.

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Not only is the drive for sex imprinted in our DNA, the emotional, physical, and spiritual fulfillment that is experienced in healthy sexuality is to be savored. Sexual issue are much more common than one might expect, and their causes can be elusive without a therapist. They do not seem to go away on their own. Once physiological issues have been removed from the equation, by checking in with a physician, we can focus on what might be impeding the patients sex life. Exploring the clients view of sex, sexual experiences past and present, and the quality of their relationships gives us a better understanding of the level of intimacy that is present. Negative experiences from the past, and attitude toward sex need to be explored as well. We are then able to explore what happy and healthy sexuality might mean to the client, and see how this might be able to be cultivated within the relationship. Developing communication with one’s partner will be a goal. Practicing sensate focus exercise will bring back a sense of excitement in a newfound form of connection.

Sex TherapySex Therapy

As a Certified Sex Therapist I aim to help you and your partner, in a very practical and actionable manner, through your issues with sex.

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Some of the common issues that I help individuals and couples with:


To address any of Sex Therapy Issues:

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