… Discrepancy in sexual desire. Some imbalances between husband and wife, “I want more, she wants less.” With that it’s, it could be multiple things. One of the first things that we rule out is anything medical, for both the male and the female. Having them do a medical workup, either by a primary […]

Sexual Abuse

Survivors of sexual abuse are forced to cope with the trauma of their situation in myriad ways. Personal insecurities, shame surrounding the assault, fear of a future attack—these are all issues that become real to the sexual assault victim. However, the effects of sexual assault are not always so clear. There are some situations in […]

Erectile Dysfunction and the Use of Pornography   One recent study published by the Journal of Sex Medicine shows that of the diagnosed cases of erectile dysfunction, 25% of those cases involve young men.[1] Another study published in the Journal of Adolescent Health, noted that 30% of young men deal with erectile dysfunction today.[2] Among younger men dealing with sexual dysfunction, sex […]

 and  are closely linked and both need to be treated simultaneously.  To address intimacy in recovery it is crucial to treat the chemical dependency first. However, if issues of intimacy and sexuality are not addressed by the therapist, the patient will find it difficult to bring up this topic on his/her own initiative. Some of […]

miami sex therapy AND marriage counselor

Miami Sex Therapist on Low Sexual Desire A lack of sexual desire is not as uncommon as many people may be led to believe. The libido refers to the desire for sexual activity or sexual drive and varies from one person to the next. There is no one specific standard that can be issued for […]

Addiction is the only disease that needs to be self-diagnosed. An addict is a person who experiences a loss of control, continues to use drugs, alcohol, or a specific activity despite adverse consequences. It is an individual who becomes psychologically and/or physically dependent on this specific activity or substance. Click for more on Addiction.  Read […]