There’s a lot of talk about sex addiction not being an actual addiction or it being too shaming of a term, what do you have to say about that? You know, I don’t get so caught up in the labels. I definitely believe in addiction. I do think that there is sex addiction, but […]

  Do you see the desire actually come back in these couples who don’t want to have anything to do with sex and then actually start scheduling it? Do you see that turn around at all? Absolutely. Absolutely, because once they can get past the who initiates, and the withholding sex because they’re angry, and […]

  Another one is the lack of sex, and a lot of times I tell couples at that time it’s crucial to schedule it. You can get really caught up in changing diapers, taking to daycare, cooking, all of the things that come with kids. Playing with them, being with them, and it’s very easy […]

  Are there any exercises? Can you have them do something to be able to relate to each other in that way? In emotionally focused therapy, that’s kind of the way that I do it. Part of that therapy is getting one person to really do all of the talking at the beginning. You know, […]

  … Discrepancy in sexual desire. Some imbalances between husband and wife, “I want more, she wants less.” With that it’s, it could be multiple things. One of the first things that we rule out is anything medical, for both the male and the female. Having them do a medical workup, either by a primary […]