Self disclosure. Tell me a little bit about what you’ve experienced personally or in your own relationship with therapy, Imago, whatever. It’s been a long road for me. I have definitely done all different types of therapy. I’ve done the emotionally focused, I’ve done the Gottman, I’ve done the Imago. Luckily, I have a […]

There has been a lot of talk lately on what addiction is and how everything we thought as professionals about addiction is wrong. In the past one of the ways to treat addiction was with “tough love”. When I work with an addict, one of the first things I see is an individual who is […]

Can addiction be cured? Is there any way of reserving it? Charlene: No, addiction can’t be cured. ASAM, the American Society of Addiction Medicine, their definition for addiction is basically that it’s a primary chronic disease of the brain and it deals with brain rewards, motivation, memory and all the related circuitry. Basically, the disease […]

What’s the goal of addiction treatment? Charlene: The goal of treatment is to bring back healthy sexuality into the individual’s lifestyle. Unlike with the other substances where it’s totally eradicated and you don’t use a substance anymore, with sex it’s not so much about we’re not going to have sex. It’s we’re going to learn […]

Sex Therapist Charlene Lewis discusses the roll of addressing trauma to recover from addiction. From why I’ve seen most addicts have a history of trauma, sometimes early childhood trauma. How is trauma treated? How does it show up? How is it treated? Charlene: Absolutely. About 80% of the clients that I see have trauma. This […]

Tell me a little bit about sex addiction. Charlene: I think sex addiction goes under-reported. Probably the primary reason is because of all of the shame and the taboo that’s attached to it and I think by far a lot of individuals suffer silently from sex addiction. We have to remember that with sex addiction […]